Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide – Make Gold By Exploring

Exploring in Guild Wars 2 is very rewarding – in every sense!

Exploring the wonderful landscape is by itself rewarding but the developers at Arenanet decide that they would also reward the most eager explorers – with a Chest full of goodies.

To complete a map you will have to do all the Renowned Hearts, find all the Points of Interest, do all the Skill Challenges and discover all the Waypoints.There are a different number of each o these in different maps.

You can check how many Renowned Hearts, Skill Challenges, Waypoints and Points of Interest you have in one area by looking at the left side of the map. It show you how many you have completed of the total number in that area.

You can see how many you have completed in a certain area by looking on the left side of your map. It also shows total amount of each in a particular area.

Once complete you will get a Map Completion message and you will be rewarded with experience points and a chest. Inside the chest you will get a certain amount of gold. The higher the area is the more gold you’ll be awarded (1-15 area 30 silver, 15-25 area 52 silver, 25-35 area 66 silver…). In the chest you will also find 2 random pieces of gear, transmutation stones and a stack of gathering material.

In major cities there are only Waypoints and Points of Interest and completing them will only grant you experience.

So go out in the world of Tyria and explore everything…its really worth it!